As a member of the South Florida Writers Association I benefit from exposure to a group of writers with expertise in all genres. I have a growing collection of poems I call “Songs Without Music” that I add to when my writing time is limited. I seldom share these works. Our group has many poets that are far more accomplished and experienced than me. I’m just now getting around to reading my February SFWA News Letter and was surprised to find the following poem I submitted on a whim was deemed acceptable. I hope you too enjoy it.

Jeff Lyon

I don’t know much about music,
I can’t write the notes.
I’m just an old captain,
Driving other folks’ boats.

In the deep dark of night,
When I’m alone at sea.
Songs without music
Come streaming to me.

The sound of the sea
As she laps against my hull.
The long mournful cry
Of a far from land gull.

High pitched laughter
Animals make in the ocean.
The slosh and the gurgle
Of fluids in motion.

Beams that go creaking,
Lines slapping metal.
Sails that need tweaking,
Fittings that rattle.

Pumps that spew water,
Motors that whir,
Things in lockers that totter,
The engine that purrs.

All the boat’s pieces,
Singing their songs.
Telling comforting stories,
As we sail along.

We’re in tune with nature,
And all of her kin.
The strains they are pure,
From flesh, feather and fin.


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