Spring break is back and Ft. Lauderdale is buzzing with students fleeing frozen regions for sun, sea and sand. The cruise ships are packed with winter weary revelers and lining up to leave Port Everglades every half hour.

Sandbar parties are filled with boats rafted together and overflowing with partiers.

The real show is at the beach, so Karen and I went to take in the sights on a brochure perfect Sunday (3-15-15). Minimal clothing and crowded walkways along A1A made driving the shoreline a distraction filled challenge.

Karen needed a high viewpoint to capture the real scene happening at the water’s edge.

Once you get into the thick of the throng it’s hard to take a shot that does it justice.

Midwesterners and Canadians are easiest to spot for their lack of SPF sun protection knowledge. “Dude, your back is fried!” “My base tan just looks that way. It’ll be fine.” It’ll be a third-degree burn, trip to the hospital and the rest of his stay in a dark room on ice.

You want to be buff when you strut your stuff on the beach. How these two found time to leave the gym and waltz by the waves is a quandary, but we were glad they did.

So, if blue sky and seas, 83 degrees, and a swarm of pent-up, youthful energy exploding around you sounds fun, Ft. Lauderdale is a great place to be. “It’s Time to Play!”

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