Our good friends Keith and Diane Logan stopped by to check out our new digs and rest up on their trip back to Michigan City from their winter home in Florida. Sunday (6-4-17) we took them to the Primal Brewery in Huntersville, NC to catch Lake Street Dive in concert. We went on a brief walking tour in downtown Charlotte before heading north for the show. 

Karen snaps a “wefie” in front of the Charlotte Signs downtown on The Green.

Charlotte is very accessible on Sundays. Lots of cool tourist sites are packed together making our brief tour an easy walk.

I have no clue what this sculpture is in Romare Bearden Park. Maybe the inspiration was a Coors beer can run over by a lawnmower.

All the information I found regarding our Lake Street Dive (LSD) concert indicated the show would begin at 4:00pm. There was a 40% chance of rain in the forecast and it began to pour in earnest shortly after we arrived at Primal Brewery. Outdoor concerts and rain don’t mix, to top it off, we were informed several bands would play ahead of LSD and they would not appear until 8:30pm. To get out of the rain, we decided to visit another local brewery in the area and get a bite to eat.

The Ass Clown Brewery certainly had a unique name, but none of us liked their beer. The visit did spawn a rash of ass jokes among our wet group. No more ass beer, please!

We returned to Primal Brewery where the beer was tasty and cold. The rain stopped and we joined the standing crowd in front of the stage.

The crowd was not too thick or unruly, but standing for hours on a blacktop parking lot was exhausting.

The New York band Leslie pumped out an energy packed set before LSD came on.

Lake Street Dive is a talented quartet of classically trained musicians that have managed to create their own Jazzy genre from Classic, Swing, Pop, Rock, Country and Blues.

Rachel Price (lead vocals) Mike “McDuck Olson (trumpet, guitar) Bridget Kearney (upright bass) Mike Calabrese (drums)

The members met while attending the New England Conservatory of Music and formed the band in 2004. The name comes from a street full of dive bars in Olson’s hometown of Minneapolis, Minnesota.

Lake Street Dive’s music is hard to define, but listening to them is great fun!




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