Sailing Escape debuts for Kindle tomorrow, October 1-2015! Download your copy from Amazon for only $3.99.

Sailing Escape has arrived for Kindle downloading.

Sailing Escape has arrived for Kindle downloading.














Sailing Escape is also available in paperback from Amazon for only $12.77 + shipping.




Crossing the Great Bahama Bank at sunset.

Crossing the Great Bahama Bank at sunset on Escape with Ewan and Ellie.










Sailing Escape can be purchased directly from the CreateSpace eStore for only $12.77!

Sailing Escape

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About the author:
Jeff Lyon is the son of a truck driver and preacher’s daughter. He grew up in Irving, Texas, earned a Communications BA from the University of North Texas and then went ski bumming in Colorado. Jeff returned to Texas to work as a Health Inspector and Fire Marshal for the City of Lewisville before heading to Florida to become a licensed yacht captain. Jeff spent twelve years teaching sailing and captaining charters on Lake Michigan. During Chicago’s harsh winters he wrote travelogues, books, short stories and screenplays. Jeff has returned to Florida to write and captain boats. His adventurous tales are based on personal escapades and filled with extraordinary characters.
Sailing Escape
A Cruising Dream Turned Nightmare
Authored by Jeff Lyon
Edition: 1

Agatha and Ewan McAbe move onto their sailboat Escape to get ready for a cruise around the world. They are sleeping when a savage storm wrecks Dinner Key Marina in Miami. Escape breaks loose, is rammed by other boats and runs aground. Agatha is traumatized during the McAbe’s struggle to survive.

Ewan believes Agatha will recover during their trip. She abandons ship at Georgetown, Bahamas and flies to her sister Jean’s house in Miami. Jean despises Ewan and begins working on Agatha to divorce him.

Ewan hires wayward lass Ellie Hoyle and venturesome captain Ross Ryan to help sail Escape back to Florida in time to save his marriage. Escape’s crew battles an onboard fire, smugglers and raging gales to reunite the McAbes. Everyone harboring the dream of escaping their mundane lives should read this white-knuckle and often hilarious tale of ocean adventure.
Publication Date: Aug 26 2015
ISBN/EAN13: 1512042935 / 9781512042931
Page Count:234
Binding Type: US Trade Paper
Trim Size: 6″ x 9″
Language: English
Color: Black and White
Related Categories: Fiction / Action & Adventure


For signed copies by the author contact Jeff Lyon at Signed paperbacks are $15.00, including postage. You can send a check or cash to: LyonsRoar, 1200 SW 12th ST. #114, Ft. Lauderdale, FL 33315 or use PayPal for Jeff Lyon-email:


Many thanks to all my readers who made numbered copies of the first-fifty, Sailing Escape paperbacks fly off the shelf. I have re-ordered author’s copies for signing. You guys are the greatest!

I also have author’s copies of my first three novels, Hank, Bliss and Ski Bum Chronicles to sign and mail from LyonsRoar. My fourth novel Chicago’s DuSable Harborcide is available in all ebook formats at You can also download my first three novels at Smashwords!



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