Karen’s niece Jenna refereed the game between the Texas Legends and South Bay Lakers at Frisco’s Dr. Pepper Arena Friday night, November 24, 2017. The NBA uses the G-League as a laboratory for testing ideas and Jenna was part of a 4-person referee crew, instead of the usual 3.

The NBA Development League was rebranded as the G-League. It is a proving ground for players, coaches, front-office staff and referees. Every NBA team opened this season with a former G Leaguer on its roster.

Ten of Jenna’s family and friends comprised her fan club. My 84-year-old father commented, “I’ve been to a lot of ballgames and never heard of people rooting for the referee.”

There have only been 3-female referees in the NBA.

About 33% of the G League referees this season are women.

G League President Malcolm Turner believes there are talented and determined women who have the ability to do the work of NBA referees at this level. Great job Ms.Jenna. We believe you have what it takes too!

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