The flyer promised hot cars, hot bar-b-q, hot pin-up girls, hot bands and cold beer Saturday (8-19-17) in Kannapolis, NC at the VFW Post 8989. I asked Karen, “How can we not go to this event?”

This sounded like too much fun to miss out on, so we drove northeast of Charlotte about one-hour to party with the veterans.

We arrived minutes after the Free Swing Dance Lessons started at noon. Karen had to use the facilities. I grabbed a pretty girl and jumped right in to keep us from falling behind the class.

Ms. Rockabilly Resurrection 2016 filled in for Karen during my introduction to Swing Dancing.

Karen and I were not naturals and I have video clips to prove it, but Swing Dancing is fun!

The basic steps aren’t that difficult, but a little confusing when you start putting them together with music.

I thanked Ms. Rockabilly Resurrection 2016 for helping me with my steps and wished her luck in this year’s competition. 

Ms. R. R. 2016 was very nice to me, not hard to look at and a much better dancer than I’ll ever be.

Jem Crossland and the Hypertonics were scheduled to kick off the live music at 1:00 pm, but the sound crew struggled with their equipment and it was 1:25pm before the band got started. Different bands where slated to rotate on and off the stage about every hour.

Jem Crossland had some time on his hands to pose with Karen while his crew fiddled with the sound system.

The sound was tight and music right when Crazy Man Crazy hit the stage rocking at 2:00pm.

We didn’t stay for all the Rockabilly Bands that played. A drummer, electric guitar player, stand-up base and lead singer seemed to be the preferred mix of cool cats.

The car show was a better than expected collection of old classics, hot rods, untouched survivors, restored beauties and insane customs.

There was no specific class of vehicle required to enter the car show. You paid ten bucks and showed off whatever made you proud.

Karen’s father had a Model A ford the same year as this custom hot rod. The Reneau family is restoring their Ford to original. This was Karen’s favorite at the show.

When this many cool cars get together, you do what you can to attract attention to your ride.

This Studebaker truck was original rust and sweat on the outside, but that super-blown power plant under the hood was crazy.

We wore ourselves out dancing and gawking at awesome machines in a scalding-hot parking lot and retreated well before the last band came on at 8:00pm. The veterans at the VFW Post 8989 in Kannapolis know how to throw a party. We just couldn’t keep up with them all day. Go Vets!

There were plenty of classic cars and hot rods in the guest parking lots that weren’t part of the show, but Superman’s Super-Cycle out shined most of them.



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