Pilots high on cocaine don't always make the best landings.

Pilots high on cocaine don’t always make the best landings.









Excerpt from Chapter 24 – Norman’s Cay

The trip was mercifully short. Everyone’s stomach was pleased to glide into the cut north of Wax Cay and hit smoother water. There were several boats already at anchor. All were cruising sailors. Ross rolled up the genoa. Ellie helped him tidy up the main when it dropped to the boom.

“I’m gonna bring her into the wind east of the airplane.”

“Roger that, Boss.”

Ross set the hook. It would be an easy swim to where a DC-3 drug plane missed the runway. It probably belonged to Carlos Lehder and had been filled with the usual 300-kilos of cocaine. Carlos set up shop on Norman’s from 1978 to 1982. He created a blizzard of Medellín Cartel blow from Colombia to the US. His parties and general mayhem were legendary.

Ellie and Ross snorkeled in and around the remains of the plane. They surfaced near one of the coral encrusted engines.

“I’m always amazed at how much cooler debris looks under water.”

“Did you see any ghosts?”

“Don’t start.”



The reef fish in the Exumas were beautiful and plentiful.

The reef fish in the Exumas were beautiful and plentiful.










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