Sunday (12-3-17) was clear and cool. We drove east to the Uwharrie Mountains to hike in Morrow Mountain State Park. We got a late start, but the drive is just over an hour and we were hiking by the rivers in no time.

With limited daylight we chose the .8-mile Three Rivers Trail for starters. The trail passes the point where the Uwharrie River joins the Yadkin River and becomes the Pee Dee River.

The trail meanders through the floodplain across several footbridges along the rivers’ edge.

We had the trail to ourselves and took time to reflect by the Pee Dee River.

The Three Rivers Trail circles back along a leaf strewn ridge. The forest takes on a somber mood when most of the trees are bare and the path is covered with a thick carpet of leaves.

The trail to the top of Morrow Mountain was 2.6-miles each way. With limited daylight and another stop on our agenda, we drove to the top of the mountain in 15-minutes.

Morrow Mountain offered 360-dgrees of views by walking a circle around the top.

The Pee Dee River becomes Lake Tillery south of where the three rivers join. We got a glimpse of it from atop Morrow Mt.

Leaves fell constantly from the trees and created a dense cover on the forest floor. Karen couldn’t resist playing in them. The force of fall is strong in her.

The 30-minute drive north from Morrow Mt. State Park to the Morgan Ridge Vineyards was lovely. One of the great things about hiking in the mountains of North Carolina is the abundance of nearby vineyards. They are a great reward after exercising in the woods.

The vines were dormant, but the friendly staff made us feel welcome and the imbibing was delightful.

Morgan Ridge not only makes great wine, they offer samples from their brewery at the vineyard. Maggie made me a “Bloody Beer” from their Key Lime Ale that was awesome. It was her first time to create the drink in a 4-ounce, taste glass and she nailed it.

We walked the grounds and Karen made some new friends before we left for home.

Having the mountains near where we live is a true blessing. We look forward to our weekend, day trips to hike this beautiful state. 

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