The Daniel Stowe Botanical Garden in Belmont, North Carolina beckoned us on Mother’s Day with a free pass for all moms. Karen and I took her Mom and Helen Capps to stroll among the flowers and foliage. The garden was such a delightful place and offered so many special events, we bought an annual membership.

Helen Reneau and Helen Capps inside the orchid conservatory.

The place was packed and we were told that Mother’s Day is the Garden’s busiest of the year.

Photo ops among the flowers were plentiful. These two make taking a great Mom and Daughter shot easy. 

The long fountain with fish statuary jumping down the middle is a central feature of the Promenade.

Everyone should make frequent stops for closer looks at the flowers along their way.

It was a warm day and the arching fountain was most inviting.

A cooling cascade and excellent photo backdrop.

Not all the plants in the garden are friendly to the touch.

Jeff checks out the spikes on a tree that discouraged climbers.

The rest of this post is all about the flowers, courtesy of Karen’s photographic skills and keen eye.


Wishing happiness and beauty to all Moms throughout the year! 


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