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The latest review of Sailing Escape arrived today!

“First let me tell you how much I loved the cover and the feel of it! It is a beautiful cover. Now on with the review. Jean was a major BITCH and needed to walk a plank in very deep shark infested waters. I had a fight with myself trying not to read it too fast because I did not want to reach the end and could not wait to go on to the next page. You did an amazing job with the story and your cast of characters. Sure would hate to get on Ellie’s bad side, loved what she did to Juan. I think this would make a great short film to be presented at one of the film festivals so it could be picked up for a major film. Either way we need to see more of Captain Ryan!”
                                                                                                         Darlene Ray


If you’ve been putting off buying a copy of Sailing Escape because you aren’t a sailor, no worries, there is a 9-page Glossary of sailing terms in the back of the book. People who have never sailed are enjoying  Sailing Escape just as much as seasoned salts!


Sailing Escape's Glossary of terms.

Sailing Escape’s Glossary of terms.

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