Wednesday night (1-20-16) Karen and I took our boat down the New River and docked at the Broward Center to spend the evening with Jackson Browne. Jackson showed up with his piano and what he called his, “Wall of guitars.”

An intimate concert with Jackson Brown includes his piano and 20 guitars.

An intimate concert with Jackson Browne included his piano and 20 guitars.












Playing solo allowed Jackson to talk about his songs and engage the crowd. Learning the backstory about many of his works, direct from the source, was fantastic.


Playing without a set list personalized the experience.

Playing with no set list personalized the experience.












Jackson changed from guitar to piano whenever the whim was upon him.


The lighting was subtle and seamless with the moods Jackson created.

The lighting was subtle and seamless, complimenting the moods Jackson created.











Jackson acknowledged the fact that he needed Glenn Frey’s help completing the lyrics to “Take It Easy” in 1971. He delighted in telling the audience that, “I’ve seen it in people’s faces at my concerts when I play “Take It Easy” at the end of my show. They have this confused look like he played a nice show, but then ended with an Eagles’ cover song.”


Jackson turned Running On Empty into a tribute to Glen Fry.

Jackson turned “Take It Easy” into a tribute to Glenn Frey.












The Broward Center for the Performing Arts plays host to a broad spectrum of plays, operas and all genres of music. With a capacity seating of 5,455 and incredible acoustics, it was a fantastic venue for Jackson’s music and style. Jackson ended the show at his piano after inviting the audience to sing along with him during “Running On Empty.” The crowd of aging hippies and baby boomers shuffled out contentedly humming or playing the song in their heads.


After a three-hour performance, Jackson Brown took the left the aging crowd back in the 70s.

After a three-hour performance, Jackson Browne left the mostly graying  crowd back in the 70s.



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