Sunday (11-8-15) the Boat Show crowd made access to Ft. Lauderdale’s beach impossible, so we headed to Hollywood. The day started sketchy, but the sky cleared and we enjoyed the change of scenery. We took a self-guided tour of Jimmy Buffett’s newest Margaritaville, got kicked out of the private pool and found the place interesting, but packed to the gills with “Parrot Heads” and “Parakeets.”


If you never did anything in Florida because it might rain, you'd never leave home.

If you never did anything in Florida because it might rain, you’d never leave home.

Rain on Hollywood Beach

The rain came in brief squalls that looked cool drifting at us from across the Atlantic.


The trick is to gather your stuff in close and hunker down under a shortened umbrella. “No worries.”

Squall on Hollywood Beach.

The spotty showers made for a very uncrowded beach.

Palm in squalls on Hollywood Beach

The sky looked much angrier than it was and a little rain on an 85-degree day is fine with me.















Kid buried in sand at Hollywood Beach.

Once the sun came out, this kid put on the ultimate sunscreen.

Margaritaville in Hollywood Beach.

Margaritaville sits right on the beach and draws a thick crowd.

FlowRider at Margaritavill Hollywood

The Flowrider wave pool was fun to watch. These guys took some wicked wipeouts.

Margaritaville pool Hollywood.

Security was tight in the guest-only pools and we got booted out right off the bat.

Giant flip-flop and pop-top

A blown out Flip-flop and pop-top in the Margaritaville main lobby.

Margarita glasses in lounge area

The Margarita glasses dangling from the ceiling in the lounge area were a nice touch.

Karen on stage in Hollywood, FL

Karen performs on the beach stage. After all, this is Hollywood.

Sign post on Hollywood beach

Jimmy Buffett says, “Where is Margaritaville? Anywhere you want it to be.” This one is in Hollywood, Florida.

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