Hank by Jeff Lyon

Hank by Jeff Lyon
Published: November 13, 2009
Category: Nonfiction
Words: 42,830

Language: English



May of 2015 – Hank’s youngest son.

Fishing in the Ozarks with John Marvin.

Fishing in the Ozarks with John Marvin.

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Personal or Author's Note

A city boy’s account of adventures shared with his Great Uncle in the impossibly rocky and densely forested Ozark Mountains. Hank was a Missouri hillbilly full of country wisdom and wry humor. Hank mentored while canoeing down pristine creeks and spinning folksy yarns. Join Hank and Jeff on a float trip through Ozark splendor. You’ll be glad you did.


Customer Reviews

“Float down ‘A River Runs Through It’ to ‘On Golden Pond’ and spend “Tuesdays With Morrie.”  Don Montanaro, NYSE, February 17, 2004 See Review at amazon.com

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