Easter Sunday in Chimney Rock, North Carolina.

Easter Sunday in Chimney Rock, North Carolina.

Karen and I got up at 4:00am on Easter Sunday (4-16-2017) to attend the Sunrise service held below the Chimney Rock lookout in North Carolina. The entry gate to the park opened at 5:00am and closed at 6:00am to allow attendees to make their way to nature’s awesome vantage point. The line of parked vehicles stretched over a mile when we arrived and parked at the end. The string¬†continued to grow out of our site around the next bend before the parade¬†headed up the mountain.

Chimney Rock lookout marked by an American flag.

Looking up at Chimney Rock

Chimney Rock is an awesome vantage point during the day, but the park only opens once a year early enough in the morning to see the sunrise. The Sixty-Second Annual Sunrise Service in Chimney Rock State Park promised to be a multi-cultural observance with Reverends from the Bat Cave Baptist Church, Church of the Transfiguration and Chimney Rock Baptist Church. The Bat Cave Volunteer Pipe Band kicked off the event with “Amazing Grace” and the rising sun’s splendor punctuated the telling of the Easter Story with a stellar array of blazing color. It was truly awe inspiring!

The first, full-color shot of the sun rising.


Karen get’s all the credit for the pictures. Much praise was raised to the heavens for the wonder of it all.

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