Karen and I drove east of Charlotte to Gastonia, North Carolina on July 4th, 2017 to join the City’s 140th birthday celebration and Independence Day Party. Gastonia closed eight blocks in its historic downtown area for the bash.

The Ten Commandments are carved in stone and proudly displayed on the lawn in front of Gastonia’s City Hall. Gastonia is all about God and Country!

The vacant store fronts along Main Street are beginning to show signs of new life with creative repurposing. Food stands and vendors’ booths lined the walks along the way. There were also free carnival rides for the kiddies, live bands playing in the evening and fireworks after dark.

The old Citizens National Bank now houses a thriving artist community and galleries.

Free cupcakes for “As long as they last” were cheerfully handed out.

Ms Captain America promoted U.S. Pride with great gusto!

Karen and I arrived early to avoid the crowds expected later and we left early to escape the unbearable heat of concrete streets and masonry buildings baking in the sweltering sun.

Cavendish Brewing Company had a booth on Main Street but was not allowed to sell beer. We tried the two, small samples they offered and fled the heat to cool down at their facility nearby.

Cavendish Brewery opened April of this year and was highly praised by celebrants at the July 4 party in town for their investment in the Gastonia community. This tank room was formerly a Studebaker Dealership’s repair space. 

A community celebration of the 4th of July is always a treat to experience. Happy Birthday, America and Gastonia!

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