The Charlotte Knights are the Chicago White Sox Triple A baseball team. Karen and I donned our Cubs gear and headed for the BB&T Ballpark in Uptown Charlotte Friday (8-18-22) to watch a game before their season ended.

The view of Uptown Charlotte from inside the BB&T Ballpark is beautiful.

Severe thunderstorms were forecast to pass through in waves about the time the game started. We packed our best rain gear so not a drop fell on us.

Minor League ballparks are very friendly environments. Much less stress and fuss about roaming around.

The Minor League atmosphere is relaxing. They put a lot more effort into unusual entertainment and promotions to bring people to the ballpark.There are many reasons to prefer Minor League games over the Big League Boys; tickets are a fraction of the price you pay in a Major League park, beer is cheaper and offer a lot more choices, the promotions are all family oriented, rivalries are taken far less seriously and players seem to try harder.

Hanging out with the Mellow Mushroom Dude.

Karen posed with a giant stuffed guy on his way to race around the infield between innings.

Our seats behind third base were good and cost a fraction of what the same location would set you back in Big League Park, but we like to wonder around and check out the view from different angles.

Uptown shines after dark from the BB&T Ballpark.

We chose Friday night for the fireworks show after the game.

Free fireworks are always fun, but seeing them in cool locations, like a ballpark, is even better.

It took us all summer to make it out to the ballgame at the BB&T Ballpark and the season for us ended with a bang!




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