Finding one’s muse is a worthy quest, but accidentally locating The Muse in Salisbury, NC was quite enjoyable. Karen and I popped into the Rail Walk Studios and Gallery after lunching at the Morgan Ridge Railwalk Brewery & Eatery next door. The studio’s 6,000 square feet of inviting space is occupied by working artists and only open to the public from 11am-4pm, Mondays through Saturdays. We were in luck and ventured through the back door.

The unassuming back entry to the Rail Walk Studios & Gallery called to us.

We were greeted by Patt Legg’s voice as soon as we walked inside. She stopped working on her latest oil painting and invited us to look around. Artists display creations in their work spaces and take turns exhibiting in the main gallery. Patt’s oils and Marietta Smith’s watercolors were presented together as “Oil & Water, Two Artists, Two Media, Meet in the Middle.”

Artist of Fine Art, Patt Legg took time to talk with us and discuss her work. I also learned that she is honing her writing skills.

Chatting with Marietta and Pat was a treat. They were knowledgable, personable and talented.

Marietta Smith’s roosters strut her stuff.

We were not in the market for a fine painting, but Karen had to have one of Patt’s Muses. Karen got both artists to agree that the clay Muse looked like me and she plans to carry it with her. We had a great visit with Patt and Marietta. They graciously shared their art and time with us, for which we are very thankful. If you find yourself in Salisbury, stop by and meet these talented ladies. You’ll be glad you did.

Patt’s Muses and Karen’s idea of what I look like.





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