My newest novel Sailing Escape is based on a sailboat delivery I made from the Exumas Islands in the Bahamas to Miami Florida in 1998. The final approval of the interior proof  was made yesterday (7-20-2015). The book will be available for purchase by the end of July.

I am releasing a series of excerpts from Sailing Escape, with scans from actual photographs taken from the adventures we had along the way, to whet your appetite. Enjoy this fantastic cruise into the past.


from Chapter 15 – New Crew    (Ross meets the new Boss)

Captain Ross Ryan jumped at the chance to go sailing in the Bahamas and take a break from babysitting rich power boaters. His wife could not have been happier to get him out of the house and take her own break from hearing him go on about clients.

The plane ride from Miami was beautiful. Ewan met Ross’s cab when it pulled up in front of the Two Turtles Inn. Ross slid the door open on the minivan and stepped into the bright sunshine with a small sea bag.

“You allergic to cats?”


“Good. We have four on board.”

“Mr. McAbe?”

“Come on. I want you to meet somebody.”



Captain Ross Ryan takes a catnap.

Captain Ross Ryan takes a catnap. on the settee in Escape’s saloon.






































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