Escape is  anchored in Elizabeth Harbour near George Town when she is rammed in the night by another boat. Ewan is tending to the wreck when Agatha takes the dinghy and abandons him.



Dinghies must pass through this entry to dock in Lake Victoria.

Dinghies must pass through this entry to dock in Lake Victoria.













excerpt from Chapter 14 – Going Home 

Ewan rode to shore with one of the cruisers who came to help. Escape’s dinghy was tied to the dock in the cove called Lake Victoria. His wife was nowhere in sight. Walking the street in front of closed stores and restaurants he called to Agatha. There was no answer.
A local man having his morning smoke waved at Ewan and he stopped. “She take a taxi to de airport.”
“Oh my God.”
“She still be there. It won’ open for hours.”
“How do you know it was Agatha?”
“She de only crazy, white woman today, so fa’.”
Ewan looked around desperately searching for a cab. The street was deserted.
“Big Wheel be back soon. He take you’ woman to de airport.”
Realizing there was nothing else to do, Ewan slumped against the wall next to the Bahamian.
“No problem.”
Big Wheel pulled up next to the men and Ewan jumped in the back seat. Before he could give a destination, the driver said,”Back to de airport we go.”
“How can you know that?”
“She say you be comin’.”

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